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   Affordable online loans to invest in your future.

We're an international lending community that lets you raise loans directly from ordinary people all over the world.

Acquiring loans in Ghana can be very difficult irrespective of the purpose for which the loan is being acquired. 

If not for some annoying up and downs by the company involved, then it’s their processing time or processing fee. 

For most people, however, the main reason they are unable to access loan facilities is the provision of collateral. 

Collateral can be a very big issue in the process of acquiring a loan since most major loan companies only consider landed property and vehicle as a collateral which most people don’t have. 

So, in this article, Express Loan will be the best choice to make. 

Are you constantly short of cash?

Do you need money to grow your business or do you need an urgent loan to pay off bills and pay later?

Are you looking to buy a car for business but wouldn’t get the requirements for that ?

Are you a business woman/man that needs money to expand your business? 

Then you should consider these problems solved. 

Talk of loans without collateral and express loans says you should worry no more. Express loan is offering you a loan with the lowest annual interest rate of 5% per annum and expecting payback within five (5) years.  With a loan up to 500,000 cedis, Express loans does require any form of collateral from applicants. 

Express Loans is a peer to peer loan company which operates via the internet. 

Express Loans provide the platform for individuals to raise capital for their projects and business via the internet, from other individuals who are willing to lend money to entrepreneurs who are in dire need of it. 

With such huge amount of money, the only things Express Loan require include your business objective, your target market, your repayment plan, an initial deposit 13% of the amount you’re  borrowing and a compulsory 3% loan processing fee.

Why join ExpressPay?

Enjoy          months flexible repayments period

Get               access to your account through
24/7            online and trusted agents
                     via mobile

Get                loan amount up to GHS100,000

High              with no security required.

How much can I borrow?

First time members start with a small test loan to build a creditworthiness. After that, the amount you can borrow will increase with each loan that you repay on time, up to a maximum of GHS 100,000 per loan.

What are the fees and interest?

Express loans do carry interest of 5% per annum to and a processing fee depending on the amount you’re borrowing. 

Loans also carry a credit risk payment, which is used for reimbursing lenders in the event of default. The credit risk payment decreases as you build a history of on-time repayments.

A one-time premium membership payment of GHS 200 may be required in order to access higher credit limits.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Have a smartphone or regular access to the internet. 

Have a source of income that will allow you to make repayments each month. 

Be able to secure recommendations from people in your community. 

Loan Features

Flexible Long Tenure
Ease your financial management with our convenient repayment schedule of up to 5 years.

Loan Protection Insurance
Credit Life Insurance covers you in case of death, leaving your relatives obligation free.

Smart Scheme Personal Unsecured Loan
Unsecured loans that helps you in buying a brand new car, paying fees for your post-graduate degree or paying for your child’s school fees.

Smart Credit
If your salary is paid through a Bank account you are eligible to take this loan.

How do I apply for a loan ?
Please visit our Terms and condition page to learn more.
Before you start, please make sure you have:

  • A mobile phone number registered in your own name.

  • Your national ID number

  • At least five minutes of internet time to complete the application form.

    • You must be ready to open a deposit account where an initial deposit of 13% of every amount you’re requesting which can be retrieved after settling loan and it’s interest  ( GHS 5,000 - GHS 500,000)

Ready to apply? Follow the link below to get started.

Trust and Security 

First, an important warning: ExpressPay  is not a financial institution or an investment service. This means that it is not intended as a place to store your savings or financial assets. So we suggest that you treat lending through expressPay as a philanthropic activity — and as always, don’t borrow any funds that you cannot afford to pay.

We make borrowing and lending easy, but we don’t take it lightly — so we take a variety of measures to strengthen the security of our lending platform and put confidence behind your compassion.

First, we verify the identity of our entrepreneurs by:

  • Independently verifying applicant’s name and national identity numbers by requiring ID card copies and/or verifying against national identity registries.

  • Disbursing loans through banks and payment services that check government-issued identity cards to verify recipients' identity.

  • Requiring entrepreneurs to provide telephone numbers of several local contacts that can vouch for their identity and reputation, before raising loans of substantial size.

  • Using data science to screen entrepreneur accounts for suspicious activity before activating new entrepreneurs and disbursing loans.

  • Having local volunteer mentors conduct phone interviews and provide a second screening of loan applicants before they may raise substantial amounts.

  • When available, consulting a national credit bureau to ensure the entrepreneur does not have any nonperforming loans with other institutions before lending.
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